3 Areas of Development for the New Year – Nouman Ali Khan


How to be a better Muslim?


  • Has my prayer improved? Is it On time? Esp isya and subuh
  • Do I go to Masjid?
  • Do I sleep earlier? Go to sleep on time wake up fajr right! wake up early Get Your Fajr Right. Get your Quran in the morning. Talking about changing the world we can’t even change our day yet. Change your day change your week and change your year. That means you can change your life. Start with your day : DAILY GOALS. My morning has to change to be more productive in terms of WORSHIP. PEOPLE OF VISION: Your VISION will come your inspiration will come with the Quran and The Quran has to be in your heart. Even if you do it once a week. you will notice the difference the rest of the day . You will notice there is more barakah that day and You get more accomplished. The doors around you are opening and the opportunity around you are coming.. your mind is clear. Creative ideas are coming to you. You will see it. Allah bring those blessings to you . Allah open those doors that are otherwise closed.
  • Make a point to memorise the Quran.


  • Study the Seerah : Life of the Prophet. One book per year. different book every year. The life of Muhammad is our Vision and we have to keep going back to it. Increase the knowledge of prophet = increase love of prophet = Selawat Means more deeper.
  • Make substantial gains in your Quran. e.g. Surah Al Kahf – read understand listen and focus on one Surah and get it right. Memorise it and understand it. Get to know one Surah deeply per year or more. Read and learn all about that Surah . Memorise it.
  • Elective : At least 3 or 4 doas : Studied them. Memorise it . Combining knowledge with practise.


  • Set some time. Weekends? Once a week. Once a month. Help people. Volunteer. not necessarily under Islamic Banner. Eg Animal Shelter etc etc Be part of a community. To become a better person. Take part with kids. Esp Teenage years : seeing what suffering looks like. Do it for yourself. It will make you a better person. Encourage teenage kids and most important in teenage years. to engage in the activities of helping other people. Teenage years are years more self absorbed. how they look, Facebook. Take them out of that. It will bring you closer to Allah like nothing else.

These 3 Foundation to meet your Goals. Foundational Goals to do great things in life. Pre- Requisite.

Ustaz Nouman Ali Khan

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